Monday, January 9, 2017

Pockets, a necessity

I love pockets and I find them necessary.  This blog is devoted to the details of pockets in women's clothing.  Sadly, you have to shop in person and go through dozens of pairs of pants or skirts or dresses to find one with functional pockets.  Women need clothes that are not just decorative.  Pockets are critical in the smartphone era (while smartphones can be larger and harder to fit into even generous pockets), but have been handy for storing things like oranges, scissors, and gin since olden times.  Here I will feature clothing and accessories that are known to have good pockets; pocket measurements and descriptions; and pockets in the news.


  1. I love pockets too! Can not wait to hear all about pockets!

  2. Cheers! And hats off to you for bringing attention to something that has been bugging us older girls for quite a while now. It has been getting harder for some time to find functional pockets which I love and use - have even resorted to sewing a few on (all by myself) in more ambitious moments. Looking forward to as much new info as you can throw at us. Thanx

    1. Sewing them on is a great solution and I have done it too in desperation. I will have a post about it up in a few weeks!