Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Pocket review: Worthington Modern Fit dress pants

I got these slacks at a thrift store, but Worthington Modern Fit pants appear to be available at JC Penney's.  My specimen here is a size 8 in a navy blue color.  These are an angled/slash front pocket; the opening is about 5 3/4".  They are 6.5" deep at the deepest point (from the top pocket edge to the bottom), about 6.5" wide, and with a rounded lower edge (so not quite 6.5 x 6.5" square because of the roundness).  The pockets connect to the front zipper and side seam for stability, but the usable space does not extend to the zipper (unlike the Gloria Worthington Amanda jeans).  The two back "pockets" are fake.  I have taken keys and wallet in one pocket, phone in the other pocket, and had no escapees.  Particularly for slacks, these are quite decent pockets!
Pocket shapes on the inside of Worthington Modern Fit pants. My photo shows a repair I did at the front pocket seam (the brown seam on the right side of the left-appearing pocket).  I am not worried about quality, though, as these were at a thrift store and thus already used before I got them.  

The front pocket openings look about 5" here but are actually 5 3/4".

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