Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Pocket review: Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda Stretch Fit Jeans

This specimen is a size 8 misses, average, purchased at Beall's in 2016 in a dark denim color (I can't figure out the name of it anymore).

The front pockets are 2.5" at the side seam and about 6" deep at the front edge of the pocket, which is also the deepest point of the pocket.  The pocket is connected to the waistband such that there is an odd little section of the pocket that continues over to the zipper (visible in photo).  This should keep the waistband from distorting if you put anything heavy in, though since these are sturdy jeans it may not matter anyway.  My hands fit in mostly, keys and wallet are secure together in one pocket (though tight), and my phone makes it most of the way into a front pocket by itself (it doesn't seem in danger of escaping).
Jeans inside out to show the shape and extent of front pockets.

The right front side has an additional pocket about 2.25" wide and about 3" deep.  I've never used it.  The two back pockets are each about 5.25" from edge to deepest point, typical jeans pockets.
Front pockets, showing the right-hand side small pocket (appears left in this photo, will be the wearer's right pocket).
On a scale from terrible to amazing, these are decent pockets.


  1. I have some jeans with pockets that extend to the zipper and they are great! I wish all jeans came that way.

  2. Thanks for talking about pockets. Some gloria vanderbilt jeans have nice pockets, some dont. Looking forward to more brands that have decent pockets. BTW. Mens jeans have generous pockets. Once again women are cheated.