Monday, May 8, 2017

Pocket review: Gloria Vanderbilt Avery Slim Leg Pull On pants

I measured a size 8 specimen of Gloria Vanderbilt Avery Slim Leg Pull On Stretch jeans.  These pants are delightfully comfy in terms of their soft, stretchy material and I wear them often when it's cool out.  However, the front pockets were rather lacking (rating: terrible).  I could hold my keys in one pocket.  I had to put both my wallet and my phone in the back two pockets.  So, I could get away without carrying a bag, but I was always sitting on my phone and almost having it fall out if I bent or moved the wrong way.  I ended up adding "pocket extenders" to fix things up to acceptable levels of pocket storage.  They seem to be going out of season but I found one version on amazon that matched the fabric content (cotton, polyester, and spandex) so would have the same comfy stretch.

Before I modified the pockets, front pockets were about 2 1/2" deep at the side seam and 4 1/2" deep at most. The width at the bottom is 5 3/4".  The outer opening is 4 1/2" from rivet to rivet but curved. The right front also has a 2 1/4" wide coin pocket that is 2 3/4" deep.

The paler striped fabric are my pocket extenders.

The tape measure crosses the small right coin pocket.  There is no coin pocket on the left side.

The back pockets (two) each measure:  5 1/4" deep at middle, 4 1/2" deep at sides, 4 3/4 to 5" wide at the opening (it varied), and about 4 1/2" wide at the base.

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