Thursday, March 2, 2017

Pocket review: Taylor Dresses fit and flare orange striped dress

I bought this dress in 2014, so the exact type may not be available anymore.  Amazon shows that the brand has a number of similar fit-and-flare dresses.  Some of the images show the models with their hands in pockets, so it seems possible that they may have similar pockets.  (A nice non-pocket bonus on this dress, which I have no idea if their other ones have, are little bra strap catchers on each shoulder).

The specimen in question is a size 6.  There are two welt pockets in the flared skirt along the side seams.  The opening is 5", placed almost vertically.  The pocket tends to hang downwards so there's about 4 1/2" from the bottom edge of the opening to the deepest part of the pocket.  It's about 9" from the top edge of the opening to the deepest part of the pocket.  The pocket is rounded and at most 5 1/2" from the opening wide.  Because the dress material is fairly stiff, it doesn't show too much when I put my usual contents (keys, wallet, phone) into the pockets, and they did all fit nicely.  Because the pockets are on the dress and it's not fitted closely (it sits at the natural waist and flares out in the skirt), pocket contents will flop about and hit your legs if you do anything energetic, like dancing.   One side of the pocket is lined so that it does not stick to the dress, and the dress is lined so the pockets won't stick to you (or tights) either.  These pockets rate decent for a dress!

The welt pocket openings are well-camouflaged with the zig-zags and matching stripe placement.

This is the inside of the dress with the built-in liner lifted up (you can also see that the bodice is partially lined except for the shoulders and very top).  The pocket on the left is laid where the additional liner fabric is against the dress.  The pocket on the right shows the liner sewn against the pocket (the pocket on the left has it too, but this shows that it is only on one side).  The pocket tends to hang down more when wearing, not stick out to the side like it does here.

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