Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Pocket review: Wrangler Blues Relaxed Fit Jeans

Today's specimen is the Wrangler Blues Relaxed Fit jeans, in size 6 x 32, courtesy of loyal blog reader Mary!  The label says WB501DS, which I think is actually the color (as their website has a similarly formatted number behind the color) and there only appears to be one style for this name, available in both misses and plus sizes.

The front pockets are great.  They are 6" at the widest point.  The left pocket is 7" deep at the front edge and 2 1/2" deep at the side seam.  Oddly, the right pocket is a bit shallower at 6".  I found a similar difference on another brand of jeans so it may be deliberate.  Either way, these are generous pockets for jeans nowadays.  The right side also has a small coin pocket measuring 3 1/2" deep and 3" wide.

No clue why one side is longer than the other.
The front are curved top entry pockets.  The entry is 5" from rivet to rivet (the curve is longer).  You can see the coin pocket on the wearer's right (left in this photo).
The two back pockets are 5 1/2" deep in the middle and not quite 5" on each side.  The pockets are 4 1/2" wide at the opening and 4 1/4" near the base.

Typical back pockets for jeans.
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