Monday, August 21, 2017

Pockets around the web: Of Mercer (office-wear with pockets)

With fancy business wear (or business casual, even), it's hard to find something that looks professional and still has useful pockets.  Of Mercer has a number of dresses and skirts with pockets.  They aren't very clear on how big they are, but several look promising.  Here's a drapey dress with side seam pockets.  My main concern there would be if the fabric is sturdy enough to not distort if you include phone, keys, and wallets.  Several drapey and stretchy dresses also look very comfortable although one does have to be careful with pocket contents in stretchy clothing.  They also have two types of pants with pockets (one has welt only), but again unclear how big they are.  This gray full-skirted dress looks most promising to not show your pocket contents.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Pockets around the web: Girls Will Be clothing (girls' shorts with pockets!)

It's been a while since I was young enough to wear kids' clothing, but apparently things have changed since I wore shorts as a kid.  Short-shorts and few pockets... not helpful when you have rocks and sea shells to stockpile.  A new clothing line has been developed to have sturdy, reasonable-length shorts with big pockets for girls!  They look great.  (They also have some fun t-shirts!)

Monday, August 7, 2017

Pockets around the web: Vogue 1546 dress sewing pattern

Erica Bunker's blog recently featured another sewing pattern with pockets.  The Vogue 1546, a drapey sundress, apparently has pockets that can hold an iPhone 7.   Fancy and practical!