Contribute pockets!

Have you found some great pants with pockets?  Your favorite dress has amazing pockets?  Or find pockets that seemed promising but were disappointing?  Please send me its info to be featured!  If you would like to spread the word on pockets you know, click here email me the following info to me.  (Please do not send photos unless I request them or I already know you.  I will delete any emails with attachments if I do not know the sender.)

Necessary for a review

Type of clothing or accessory: pants, dress, skirt, bag, shirt, purse, sewing pattern.

Brand and item name: so others can find these pockets again.  The brand is usually easy to find.  The item name... not so much.  New clothing will have the name of the item on the paper tags, but thrift store items it's not always easy to find on the clothing tags themselves.  Just get as close as you can.

Pocket description: How many are there?  How deep and wide are they in inches?  See my reviews for a general format.  What do you put in the pockets?  Does anything escape?

Pocket rating: terrible, decent, amazing (or come up with your own scale).

How you would like to be credited: anonymously, using a pseudonym, or your actual name.  Whatever is fine.  If you do not specify, I will credit you by first name or pseudonym.


Where did you find this specimen of pocketry?  A store, online (link helpful), or a thrift store.

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