Monday, June 26, 2017

Pockets around the web: sewing round patch pocket tutorials

If you want to pocket-ify clothing you already have, or add something to an item you are sewing, here are two tutorials for make patch pockets.  One is for a fancy circular pocket and the other is for a more standard-shaped pocket with curved edges.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Pockets around the web: Tessuti Yuki dress (sewing pattern)

The ever-busy Did You Make That? blog has a write-up on a new dress pattern with pockets.  Part-way through the post she notes that it has a construction that prevents the side pockets from gaping open.  Intriguing!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Pocket review: Bandolino Mandie 5-pocket Jeans

I've got a size 8 in Mandie 5-pocket Jeans from Bandolino.  The same gray color is still available on Amazon and other regular jean colors are available too.  There also appear to be petites, capris, and shorts available in this style.  I haven't looked at those in person so I can guarantee they will have the same pockets, but it seems likely.

Front pockets are 5" rivet to rivet at the opening.  The right side coin pocket is 1.75" wide and about 3" deep.

Inside the front pockets are very wide (almost 8") but shallow (about 2.5" at both rivets).  You'll see I added on pocket extenders to these, but they weren't too bad before because of the width allowing more pocket space than a typical shallow pocket.

The back pockets are typical for jeans.  They are about 5.5" deep in the middle and 4.75" at the sides. The opening is 4.5" and the width is just a little smaller (maybe 4 3/8") at the base.

Overall, before modification these had decent pockets.  The shallow front pockets were improved by their extremely wide width (going from side seem over to the zipper).

Monday, June 5, 2017

Pockets around the web: pockets in the kitchen!

Here's something a bit different from our usual fare: aprons.  This company makes them for professional and industrial environments, but they also sell to the public.  They are supposed to be durable, look to have very good pockets, and are also made of breathable fabrics (important if things get toasty in the kitchen or wherever you use an apron... gardening perhaps?).