Monday, August 21, 2017

Pockets around the web: Of Mercer (office-wear with pockets)

With fancy business wear (or business casual, even), it's hard to find something that looks professional and still has useful pockets.  Of Mercer has a number of dresses and skirts with pockets.  They aren't very clear on how big they are, but several look promising.  Here's a drapey dress with side seam pockets.  My main concern there would be if the fabric is sturdy enough to not distort if you include phone, keys, and wallets.  Several drapey and stretchy dresses also look very comfortable although one does have to be careful with pocket contents in stretchy clothing.  They also have two types of pants with pockets (one has welt only), but again unclear how big they are.  This gray full-skirted dress looks most promising to not show your pocket contents.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Pockets around the web: Girls Will Be clothing (girls' shorts with pockets!)

It's been a while since I was young enough to wear kids' clothing, but apparently things have changed since I wore shorts as a kid.  Short-shorts and few pockets... not helpful when you have rocks and sea shells to stockpile.  A new clothing line has been developed to have sturdy, reasonable-length shorts with big pockets for girls!  They look great.  (They also have some fun t-shirts!)

Monday, August 7, 2017

Pockets around the web: Vogue 1546 dress sewing pattern

Erica Bunker's blog recently featured another sewing pattern with pockets.  The Vogue 1546, a drapey sundress, apparently has pockets that can hold an iPhone 7.   Fancy and practical!

Monday, July 31, 2017

Pockets around the web: reviews of two sundresses recently reviewed two dresses that have pockets.  One, the Retrospec’d Norma Jean Dress is described as having POCKETS, so they're there, but the sizing of pockets is unclear.  The other review, of the Pinup Girl Clothing Jenny Dress, specifies that an iPhone fits easily in "generous" pockets, so that should provide a bit more pocket size info.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Pockets around the web: Old time pocketry

This video is long (7 minutes), but highly instructive on how hard it used to be to get dressed (in 18th century Britain).  There are add-on pockets, at least??  The video was made by National Museums Liverpool.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Pockets around the web: B6178 Culottes sewing pattern

Did You Make That? recently featured a sewing pattern for culottes (which I assume could be lengthened into regular wide-legged pants if you prefer full-length pants).  She notes that the deep pockets can be stuffed full of tennis balls for one's dog (or one's self, I suppose, if you are inclined to tennis), so these sound quite promising in the pocketry department!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Pockets around the web: a review of Carhartt overalls

While we're on the train of things that are not quite pants, here's a glowing review of Carhartt Brewster Double Front Bib Overalls.  She says "pockets for days", which rather says it all, and continues to list all the things she has in her pockets, with room for more.  They come in both short and regular lengths.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Pockets around the web: a pocketed fancy jumpsuit

Here's a review of a jumpsuit pattern from high fashion sewing blogger Erica Bunker. It has pockets (see the penultimate photo)!  She points out that the material needs to be very drapey, so the pockets probably can't get too weighted down, but some pockets are definitely better than none.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Pockets around the web: sewing round patch pocket tutorials

If you want to pocket-ify clothing you already have, or add something to an item you are sewing, here are two tutorials for make patch pockets.  One is for a fancy circular pocket and the other is for a more standard-shaped pocket with curved edges.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Pockets around the web: Tessuti Yuki dress (sewing pattern)

The ever-busy Did You Make That? blog has a write-up on a new dress pattern with pockets.  Part-way through the post she notes that it has a construction that prevents the side pockets from gaping open.  Intriguing!

Monday, June 12, 2017

Pocket review: Bandolino Mandie 5-pocket Jeans

I've got a size 8 in Mandie 5-pocket Jeans from Bandolino.  The same gray color is still available on Amazon and other regular jean colors are available too.  There also appear to be petites, capris, and shorts available in this style.  I haven't looked at those in person so I can guarantee they will have the same pockets, but it seems likely.

Front pockets are 5" rivet to rivet at the opening.  The right side coin pocket is 1.75" wide and about 3" deep.

Inside the front pockets are very wide (almost 8") but shallow (about 2.5" at both rivets).  You'll see I added on pocket extenders to these, but they weren't too bad before because of the width allowing more pocket space than a typical shallow pocket.

The back pockets are typical for jeans.  They are about 5.5" deep in the middle and 4.75" at the sides. The opening is 4.5" and the width is just a little smaller (maybe 4 3/8") at the base.

Overall, before modification these had decent pockets.  The shallow front pockets were improved by their extremely wide width (going from side seem over to the zipper).

Monday, June 5, 2017

Pockets around the web: pockets in the kitchen!

Here's something a bit different from our usual fare: aprons.  This company makes them for professional and industrial environments, but they also sell to the public.  They are supposed to be durable, look to have very good pockets, and are also made of breathable fabrics (important if things get toasty in the kitchen or wherever you use an apron... gardening perhaps?).

Monday, May 22, 2017

Pockets around the web: Svaha pocketed dresses review and interview

I've mentioned Svaha dresses on here before, and they just look so intriguing.  Here's a review of three dresses in two silhouettes, plus an interview with one of the owners and a 20% off discount code!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Pockets around the web: how to add pockets to a pants pattern

While we're on pants, here's a great tutorial for adding pockets to a sewing pattern for pants that doesn't have them.  While it is specifically for the Jalie Éléonore Pull-On Jeans pattern, I think it should work for most similar sewing patterns.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Pocket review: Gloria Vanderbilt Avery Slim Leg Pull On pants

I measured a size 8 specimen of Gloria Vanderbilt Avery Slim Leg Pull On Stretch jeans.  These pants are delightfully comfy in terms of their soft, stretchy material and I wear them often when it's cool out.  However, the front pockets were rather lacking (rating: terrible).  I could hold my keys in one pocket.  I had to put both my wallet and my phone in the back two pockets.  So, I could get away without carrying a bag, but I was always sitting on my phone and almost having it fall out if I bent or moved the wrong way.  I ended up adding "pocket extenders" to fix things up to acceptable levels of pocket storage.  They seem to be going out of season but I found one version on amazon that matched the fabric content (cotton, polyester, and spandex) so would have the same comfy stretch.

Before I modified the pockets, front pockets were about 2 1/2" deep at the side seam and 4 1/2" deep at most. The width at the bottom is 5 3/4".  The outer opening is 4 1/2" from rivet to rivet but curved. The right front also has a 2 1/4" wide coin pocket that is 2 3/4" deep.

The paler striped fabric are my pocket extenders.

The tape measure crosses the small right coin pocket.  There is no coin pocket on the left side.

The back pockets (two) each measure:  5 1/4" deep at middle, 4 1/2" deep at sides, 4 3/4 to 5" wide at the opening (it varied), and about 4 1/2" wide at the base.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Pockets around the web: Jalie's Hélène cardigan (sewing pattern review)

I used to have a Cabela's oversized cardigan (with glorious pockets) that reminded me of a knit lab coat.  So I was tickled to see this review of a sewing pattern for a cardigan that ended up as a real lab coat, with excellent looking pockets.  I bet it would look less like a lab coat in another color, if you are not actually a medical professional or lab-working type graduate student (or just want a colorful lab coat!).

Monday, April 17, 2017

Pockets around the web: a pocket round-up for insulin pump wearers

You may remember an article I linked to previously, on the necessity of pockets for people with insulin pumps.  I've found another pocketed round-up for people who need to tote their insulin pump, with clothing that should work for whatever small items you want to carry by necessity or desire.  It's unclear to me if they've tested these pockets in person, but they are certainly worth checking out.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Pockets around the web: Scottevest Sandy Skirt review

Sorry I missed a week!  Things have been busy in pocket-land.  However, I just ran across this very promising review of the SCOTTeVEST Sandy travel skirt (there is also a longer version called the Sandra).  The pockets look fantastic.  This company looks to have a lot of good pocketed items... the Maddie Cardigan in particular caught my eye.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Pockets around the web: Grainline Patterns Farrow Dress (sewing pattern)

The Grainline Farrow Dress caught my eye in a nice blog post with lots of views by Closet Case Patterns.  It appears to have generous pockets, though with the very loose dress structure I'm not sure how much pocket contents might distort the dress shape.  Might depend on the fabric used.  If you've made it, let me know!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Pockets around the web: Old Navy Utility Shirt Dress

Here's a nice olive-green shirt dress (price slightly reduced) with pockets.  You can zoom in on the picture to see the pocket outlines.  They don't look huge, but probably would hold the basics (i.e. pretty decent for a dress).  The non-pocket aspects of the dress are reviewed here, where I first saw it.  If anyone has one and wants to provide some pocket measurements, send me a note or leave a comment!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Pockets around the web: Duluth Trading Co. Women's Fire Hose Work Pants

Let's have some more work pants options.  The Duluth Trading Co.'s Women's Fire Hose Work Pants look tough and with practical pockets.  Here's a long review of the men's pants, with a shorter note at the end on the women's pants (both reviews are very positive).  They have several cuts (regular; slim in two versions: one without knee pad slots but with eight pockets and one with knee pad slots with seven pockets; and bootcut), plus a fleece-lined version!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Pockets around the web: Red Ants Work Pants

While browsing around for pockets recently I came across Red Ants Work Pants.  They say the pockets will hold a 3x5" notebook and more!  Plus, they come in two fits (straight and curvy) and give sizing based on measurements instead of the usual undecipherable women's numbering sizes.  They look like great field or work pants, are made in the USA, and they sound like they have a good return policy.  Also, if you prefer shorts, they have a practical long-inseam shorts version! Pocket readers, have any of you tried these?

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Pockets around the web: Everybody Kiki's circle dress

I think this is a first in my internet pocket browsing.  Here is a dress that actually includes the SIZE of the pocket width (6 1/2" at the widest point!) in the description!  Way cool!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Pockets around the web: Modcloth dresses

One online retailer, Modcloth, has a whole section devoted to dresses with pockets!  No more sorting through items one by one.  These are all pocketed.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Pocket review: Taylor Dresses fit and flare orange striped dress

I bought this dress in 2014, so the exact type may not be available anymore.  Amazon shows that the brand has a number of similar fit-and-flare dresses.  Some of the images show the models with their hands in pockets, so it seems possible that they may have similar pockets.  (A nice non-pocket bonus on this dress, which I have no idea if their other ones have, are little bra strap catchers on each shoulder).

The specimen in question is a size 6.  There are two welt pockets in the flared skirt along the side seams.  The opening is 5", placed almost vertically.  The pocket tends to hang downwards so there's about 4 1/2" from the bottom edge of the opening to the deepest part of the pocket.  It's about 9" from the top edge of the opening to the deepest part of the pocket.  The pocket is rounded and at most 5 1/2" from the opening wide.  Because the dress material is fairly stiff, it doesn't show too much when I put my usual contents (keys, wallet, phone) into the pockets, and they did all fit nicely.  Because the pockets are on the dress and it's not fitted closely (it sits at the natural waist and flares out in the skirt), pocket contents will flop about and hit your legs if you do anything energetic, like dancing.   One side of the pocket is lined so that it does not stick to the dress, and the dress is lined so the pockets won't stick to you (or tights) either.  These pockets rate decent for a dress!

The welt pocket openings are well-camouflaged with the zig-zags and matching stripe placement.

This is the inside of the dress with the built-in liner lifted up (you can also see that the bodice is partially lined except for the shoulders and very top).  The pocket on the left is laid where the additional liner fabric is against the dress.  The pocket on the right shows the liner sewn against the pocket (the pocket on the left has it too, but this shows that it is only on one side).  The pocket tends to hang down more when wearing, not stick out to the side like it does here.

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Monday, February 27, 2017

Pockets around the web: an essay for pocket equality

I found this nice essay while searching around for pocket news.  It has the usual bits of history about women's versus men's pockets, and expands on our usual battle-cry for pockets with a number of good interview quotes from both women and men on how ridiculous the pocket situation can be.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Pockets around the web: Tilly and the Buttons Zadie dress sewing pattern

I keep seeing pictures of the Zadie dress and it looks like a knit version of my favorite frankensteined pocket-dress.  The pockets look generous.  Has any pocket-reader made it?  Are the pockets as glorious as they look?

Monday, February 20, 2017

Pocket review: Lee Women's Relaxed Fit Straight Leg Jean

More pants from loyal blog reader Mary!  The Lee Women's Relaxed Fit Straight Leg Jeans (Model 305183C, in size 6 petite) are stretchy jeans with amazing jeans pockets.  I believe these are the same pants, and here on Lee's website.  That model lacks the 3C but it seems to be it.

They have two front pockets, both about 6" wide.  The right one is 6" deep and 3 1/2" at the side seam.  The left one is just a bit deeper at 6 1/4" but shallower at 3" at the side seam. On a second pair both were about 6 1/2", so there is some variation.

The inexplicably asymmetrical front pockets.
The more symmetrical front pockets on a different pair.
The front pockets have the usual jeans curved opening.
The right front coin pocket is 2 1/4" deep and 3 1/4" wide.

The back pockets at 5 1/4" deep in the middle and 4 1/2" deep at the edges.  The pockets are 4 1/2" wide at the top and 4 1/4" near the base.

Standard back pockets for jeans.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Pockets around the web: on sale Land's End Women's Ponté Sheath Dresses

Land's End has last year's sleeveless ponté sheath dresses on sale in floral, fuzzy floral, and color blocked.  It's also at regular price in solid colors.   Sleeved with dots is tempting me at sale price but isn't in my size.  There's black with sophisticated sparkles, too, in the sleeved department on sale, and full price solid colors.   There are petite (usually a tab above the sizing on each dress's page) and plus sizes (they appear to have separate listings for most styles), and even more colors and patterns if you search their website for this style of dress.  Most of them appear to have pockets!   (Double-check, as one slightly different sheath style did not.)  The pockets appear to be on the side seam, with a slight diagonal slash, from looking at the pictures where a human is wearing the dress.  If you've got one of these, let me know how the pockets are!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Pockets around the web: Sew Over It Heather Dress (sewing pattern)

I first saw this great knit dress with pockets, the Sew Over It Heather Dress, at Handmade Jane.  It looks really nice with promising pockets!  Several other bloggers have also reviewed it here, here, here, and here.  This person did two!  Nobody has posted exactly how big the pockets are (and I suppose you wouldn't want to overstuff them in a knit fabric anyways), but it looks like they easily fit a whole hand in, so probably good for phone, wallet, and not-too-many keys at least.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Pockets around the web: pocketed clothing by medical necessity

I found this very interesting article about the true necessity of pockets for people who have an insulin pump for diabetes.  They provide a link to an article with a variety of dresses and skirts (and one jumpsuit) with pockets.  It's unclear to me if they have actually tested all the suggested items for suitability, or if they just think they have big enough pockets from the description.  They certainly look promising.  If any of you pocket readers have tested one of these, do let me know!  This is a use scenario where actual measurements could definitely help someone determine if a given clothing item will let them be able to use the clothing.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Pocket review: New York & Company dress pants

Another thrift store pair of pants here.  The label says New York & Company Stretch, with NYC-1600 on the back of the label.  They're size 6.  A quick look through the company's website did not turn up any obvious matches to my black pinstriped specimen, but they do show several models with hands in pocket.  So, can't tell you the exact name of these pants, but this company's pants seem worth a check for decent dressy pockets!   These had decent pockets even before my modifications (which of course took them to amazing).

Pocket dimensions are estimated here as I ended up making pocket extenders for these pants (the big pale parts of the pockets), but the pockets rated decent even before.  I wore them to work and never had the usual cargo (keys, wallet, phone) fall out.  The front pockets were 4 1/2", maybe 5" (since I cut off the bottoms to put on the pocket extenders) deep.  They have a top entry slash that is 5 1/2" across.  The pockets are 6" wide and extend to the side seam.  They do not extend to the zipper.  Both sides also have a tiny pocket in the front above the main front pocket.  These are 2" deep and 2 3/4" wide.

Guesstimating the pockets were about 4 1/2 or 5" before I made them AMAZING.
The two back pockets are 3 1/2" deep, 5 1/2" wide, and each have a button and buttonhole to secure anything you might place therein.
I never have used the back pockets but they seem decent.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Pockets around the web: Saf-T-Pockets sewing patterns

Has anyone tried Saf-T-Pockets sewing patterns?  They advertise functional pockets so you don't have to carry a purse.  I see shirts, skirts, jackets, coats, and pants just on a quick skim over their website.  They look promising.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Pocket review: Ann Taylor Loft Veranda Trousers (linen pants)

Purchased in-store (and on sale, yay!) at Ann Taylor Loft in 2016, these linen pants are light and comfy.  I wore them walking around in hot, humid weather, and found them quite nice.  My specimen is a size 8.  This model appears to be sold out but maybe they will come back in the summer (right now Loft's website seems to have more wintry corduroy and tweed).  There were one or two listed on ebay as well.

Front pockets are side-seam pockets with only a slight diagonal tilt, which tend to gape open on curving hips (I learned that here).   Nonetheless, I didn't lose keys, wallet, or phone.

The ruler shows where one of the two front vertical-opening pockets is.
The front pockets, one on each side, measure about 8 1/2" deep at the front (the pocket does not meet the zipper). On the side seam, it is 3 1/2" from the bottom of the pocket to the opening.  The opening is nearly vertical and is 6 1/2".  The pocket is a little over 6 1/2" wide from the side seam at the bottom, and about 5" wide from the opening at the top.  The wearer's right (left on the photo) has a small welt pocket that comes originally sewn shut.  The welt pocket is surprisingly large for this type of small front "coin pocket", at 3" deep and 3" wide, with the opening 2 3/8" wide.

The pants turned inside out so you can see the shape of the pockets.  The pocket left of the ruler is one of the back pockets, the ruler is near the side seam, and the pocket on the right is one of the front pockets.

The back pockets, one on each side, have a flap and button to hold them closed.  The back pockets are 7" deep and 5 3/4" wide.  The opening is a little narrower at 5" wide.

The two back pockets, showing the button-down flap.

These pockets are quite decent!  I want to find more pants like these.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Pocket review: Wrangler Blues Relaxed Fit Jeans

Today's specimen is the Wrangler Blues Relaxed Fit jeans, in size 6 x 32, courtesy of loyal blog reader Mary!  The label says WB501DS, which I think is actually the color (as their website has a similarly formatted number behind the color) and there only appears to be one style for this name, available in both misses and plus sizes.

The front pockets are great.  They are 6" at the widest point.  The left pocket is 7" deep at the front edge and 2 1/2" deep at the side seam.  Oddly, the right pocket is a bit shallower at 6".  I found a similar difference on another brand of jeans so it may be deliberate.  Either way, these are generous pockets for jeans nowadays.  The right side also has a small coin pocket measuring 3 1/2" deep and 3" wide.

No clue why one side is longer than the other.
The front are curved top entry pockets.  The entry is 5" from rivet to rivet (the curve is longer).  You can see the coin pocket on the wearer's right (left in this photo).
The two back pockets are 5 1/2" deep in the middle and not quite 5" on each side.  The pockets are 4 1/2" wide at the opening and 4 1/4" near the base.

Typical back pockets for jeans.
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Monday, January 30, 2017

Pockets around the web: a woman discovers the magic of pockets, plus why can't we have functional clothing?

A woman wears men's clothing (suits, specifically) for a month.  Of course, her notes from day one are about pockets!  The whole article, beyond pockets too, is worth a read.  The Dallas Morning News also wrote a related opinion piece on the constant tug-of-war between clothing for function and women as decorative.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Pockets around the web: Svaha dresses and skirts

Brittany has sent me a link to a website with great science-and-other-themed dresses and skirts.  While I don't have one (yet??), they advertise their pockets as functional!  That seems highly promising.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Pocket review: Land's End Down Commuter Long Coat

I bought this coat in 2014.  The closest coat I can find on the Land's End website has a similar name (Commuter Down Long Coat).  They advertise that it has the same helpful pass-through where you can get to a deep pocket inside the coat (and your own pants pockets!).  The current edition also still has nice fleece pockets beside the pass-through pockets.  (Also they have it in a lovely shade of blue now.  They did not when I was buying.  WOE.)  This current model, however, seems to lack the front outer pockets which I found handy for dog-poop bags and quick mitten stashing.  However, even when de-pocketed on the outside, with all the other pockets and pocket access, this coat still rates as amazing in pockets!  Detailed measurements are in the photo captions since there are SO MANY pockets.  I count seven on mine, and there should be five on the new model (since it lacks the outer front flapped pockets but retains the others according to its description).

The wearer's left (right in this photo) has an inner zippered pocket measuring 6 x 6".  I believe this is the one in the description noted as "small vertical pocket with secure zip closure".

The outer pockets, with a flap (and two snaps), are no longer available on the current model.  On my coat there are two (one per side) and they measure 6" wide, 7" deep in the middle, and the entry is slightly diagonal with a length of 6 1/2".  Each side also has a fleece-lined pocket (in the photo, shown by my thumb).  The fleece-lined pocket is about 7" deep from the pass-through opening, and a good size for warming hands.  Finally, my fingers are in the pass-through opening that lets you get to the inner pockets (last photo) or your own clothing.  The opening is 6" and has both a zipper and a snap (next photo) to close it, although even with temperatures in the negative double digits (both Celsius and Fahrenheit... brrr) I've never actually needed to shut these.

This is the inside of the coat from the pass-through opening (visible on the right side of the pocket).  You can also see the snap and zipper that can be used to close the pass-through.  There is one bit of velcro, maybe an inch long, to secure this pocket if you desire.  This pocket is 8 x 8" and I haven't ever had anything fall out of these (cell phone, keys, wallet, dog bags).  As for the outer and fleece pockets, this inner pocket is duplicated on both the left and right sides.
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Monday, January 23, 2017

Pocket review: Cabela's Women's 7-pocket Hiker Pants

I have gone through so many pairs of these over the years and loved them.  They came in classic and modern fits (high waisted and low waisted). Sadly, Cabela's appear to have stopped making them as their website no longer shows how to buy them.  If you find them at a thrift store or used, though, I highly recommend their pockets.  Rest in peace, hiker pants.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Pockets around the web: Poche Posh pocket clothes

I was reading one of my favorite knitting blogs yesterday when I came across a link in the comments about pockets.  Apparently there's a new (?) online store called Poche Posh which specifically advertises that all their clothing has pockets!  Of especial interest are dresses and skirts with pockets, which can be hard to find at all with any pockets.  They also have some pants and cardigans too.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Pocket review: Worthington Modern Fit dress pants

I got these slacks at a thrift store, but Worthington Modern Fit pants appear to be available at JC Penney's.  My specimen here is a size 8 in a navy blue color.  These are an angled/slash front pocket; the opening is about 5 3/4".  They are 6.5" deep at the deepest point (from the top pocket edge to the bottom), about 6.5" wide, and with a rounded lower edge (so not quite 6.5 x 6.5" square because of the roundness).  The pockets connect to the front zipper and side seam for stability, but the usable space does not extend to the zipper (unlike the Gloria Worthington Amanda jeans).  The two back "pockets" are fake.  I have taken keys and wallet in one pocket, phone in the other pocket, and had no escapees.  Particularly for slacks, these are quite decent pockets!
Pocket shapes on the inside of Worthington Modern Fit pants. My photo shows a repair I did at the front pocket seam (the brown seam on the right side of the left-appearing pocket).  I am not worried about quality, though, as these were at a thrift store and thus already used before I got them.  

The front pocket openings look about 5" here but are actually 5 3/4".

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Pocket review: Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda Stretch Fit Jeans

This specimen is a size 8 misses, average, purchased at Beall's in 2016 in a dark denim color (I can't figure out the name of it anymore).

The front pockets are 2.5" at the side seam and about 6" deep at the front edge of the pocket, which is also the deepest point of the pocket.  The pocket is connected to the waistband such that there is an odd little section of the pocket that continues over to the zipper (visible in photo).  This should keep the waistband from distorting if you put anything heavy in, though since these are sturdy jeans it may not matter anyway.  My hands fit in mostly, keys and wallet are secure together in one pocket (though tight), and my phone makes it most of the way into a front pocket by itself (it doesn't seem in danger of escaping).
Jeans inside out to show the shape and extent of front pockets.

The right front side has an additional pocket about 2.25" wide and about 3" deep.  I've never used it.  The two back pockets are each about 5.25" from edge to deepest point, typical jeans pockets.
Front pockets, showing the right-hand side small pocket (appears left in this photo, will be the wearer's right pocket).
On a scale from terrible to amazing, these are decent pockets.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Pockets, a necessity

I love pockets and I find them necessary.  This blog is devoted to the details of pockets in women's clothing.  Sadly, you have to shop in person and go through dozens of pairs of pants or skirts or dresses to find one with functional pockets.  Women need clothes that are not just decorative.  Pockets are critical in the smartphone era (while smartphones can be larger and harder to fit into even generous pockets), but have been handy for storing things like oranges, scissors, and gin since olden times.  Here I will feature clothing and accessories that are known to have good pockets; pocket measurements and descriptions; and pockets in the news.